Thursday, March 31, 2011

NYX Megashine Lipgloss 'Burgundy' - RSL

So NYX lipglosses are supposed to be really amazing, etc etc. I pick this one up six months ago and I really love the colour. Its a beautiful & rich burgundy colour that makes my lips look very seductive (in my mind at least!)

So here are some things to know about this gloss:

  • Very richly pigmented.
  • It smells a little like cherry flavoring.
  • Goes on smoothly and stays longer that most glosses because it is so dark.
  • Not sticky.
  • Problems: the colour bleeds after some time!! That is my only issue with this gloss - if I use it just as a gloss with no prepping of the lips before, the colour can bleed after a while.
The colour is very intense and cannot really be worn all the time. So I was kinda wondering what to do with this gloss and I came up with an idea. I dabbed just a teeny bit on my finger and spread it on my lips as if I were applying a lip balm! It looked great and basically showed up as a lipstain!!  It gave my lips a healthy flushed look which I am loving!! Plus there is no issue of bleeding and getting on your teeth.

So tip of the day:  To make a dark gloss wearable for any time: use it as a lip stain! So without further adieu, I present some pics for you!

The gloss!

The swatch!

On lips!

Used as a lipstain! (Love it this way.)
 What do you think?? I'm so pleased with myself for coming up with the lipstain idea! :p Try it for your dark glosses and let me know how it worked out!

Thanks !


  1. Scarlett, Loved the lipstain concept & the pics, will try this :-)

  2. wow very natural..i loved it :)

  3. though i'm not gloss girl..liked the idea of lipstain..looks natural :)

  4. Uzma: Thanks! Do try and post a pic!
    Anamika & Sumitha: Thanks ladies!!

  5. I only have one lipstick by NYX and no lipglosses. The pigmentation looks really amazing, will have to get some. Thanks for the swatches :)

  6. Hey Charlene: You are welcome, I have no lipsticks and a few glosses and I really like my glosses! Will be doing more "lip" posts, so stay tuned.

  7. Lovely shade Scarlett....sad that it bleeds :-((