Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer fresh Pink!

Hi Folks,

I've recently discovered the joy of using matte colours and though earlier I used to be a sucker for blingy and shimmery shades all of that is slowly changing.

This look is super simple and barely took me any time to achieve. There's just something about matte eye shadows. You can just stick them on to your eyelid and they don't wander off on their own. I used just 3 colours and am super happy with how this look turned out.

I used:

  • Coastal Scents concealer as a base
  • Kryolan R21 blush as main lid colour
  • Urban Decay e/s Buck
  • Inglot M 373
  • Black gel liner
  • Mascara
Here are some pics!

This Kryolan pink colour is so pretty! It's a blush but I used it as an e/s.

So I hope you all enjoyed this look, will catch you all next time, ta ta!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Deep forest green eyes.


This look is inspired by a recent video by MakeupbytiffanyD - now I know it looks nothing like her look but I really wanted to try using this forest green coloured eye shadow with a brown base.

So I started to do this look and guess what, the power went out. Aaarghhhh!! Super frustrated, I decided that nothing was going to deter me. Then I proceed to lay down the brown base with a faces pencil which I did not realize was colour-stay. That thing refused to blend out!! So instead of a soft brown smokey base, I ended up having 2 brown stripes over my eyelids! Anyways, I just went ahead with the look.

I'm not too impressed with it, I think it's okay. I think my techniques could have been better, my blending could have been better. Oh well, now I know better!

So here is the look. I used:

  • Faces brown eye pencil
  • MUG eyeshadow in Envy, Shimmermint
  • Inglot e/s DS 465
  • Urban Decay e/s in Naked and Sidecar
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Faces Forest Green eye pencil

PICS! :)

The crease is entirely this brown Inglot e/s and guess what, it totally looks a bit grey-purple to me in these pics. Does it seem like that to you too?

Until next time, ta ta!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inglot Body Sparkle 68 - A look!

Hello everyone!!

I was feeling super fun and shiny yesterday and decided to create a look going along with my mood. Also, I had just watched a video by Makeupbytiffanyd on youtube and I was really intrigued by this eyeliner she had done. It was winged and slightly smudged and I really wanted to try it out. Never mind that it look me 15 minutes just to kind of get the eyeliner sort of okay. Let's just say the attempt involved *a lot* of makeup remover + cotton swabs.

Anyways, I pulled out my MAC eye shadows after a long time. Ever since MAC has started selling in China and changed their animal testing policy, I've lost interest in the brand. You wont find any new products from this brand on the blog. The MAC products that are featured on this blog have been bought pre-animal testing era and have been with me for a while now.

On to the look:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Coppering, Cranberry, Romp, Warming Trend, Black Tied
  • Inglot Body Sparkle 68 (So pretty!)
  • Black gel liner
  • Mascara
What I really liked about this was it was easy to do except for the eyeliner which took forever...grrrr.

This Inglot body sparkle is just so iridescent - I really love it. It's best used wet and I sprayed my brush with fix+ before I applied it.

Well I hope you enjoyed this look and do leave your thoughts! Until next time, ta ta!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Chennai Guide!

Hey Everyone!

Chennai in general has a bad rep for lagging in the shopping, beauty and fashion scene. It has taken me a long time but I've finally figured out some of Chennai's best kept secrets and today I am here to share it with you. Ok, some of these places are not really secrets but I've put together a Chennai Guide for all you readers who are either from Chennai or happen to be there for a visit.

So let's get started!


While we have a range of brands from low end to luxury available in Health and Glow stores and at the Mall, did you know that Chennai is one of the few cities in India that has a Kryolan? It's located at Ramee Mall on Mount Road. Head to Kryolan to pick up amazing, good quality and affordable products.


Best Sellers: Ok, this little gem of a store is an export surplus store located on TTK Road. They have tons of merchandise from clothes to shoes to bags and to belts. The best part: the prices! I've picked up tops for as little as Rs. 200 and dresses as low as Rs. 400. The only downside is that you have to take your time and really go through all their merchandise - so come with lots of time and patience and you will be rewarded. They also have a lot of funky leather belts, boots, shoes, strappy chappals, handbags etc. Also, men have an entire floor to themselves upstairs. So this is a definite must see!

Shilpi: This shop stocks really unique silk and cotton saris. Subtle and understated, their saris are very classic and chic and most likely will not be seen in any other shop. They also have kurtis, salwar kameezes, skirts, scarves, stoles and some jewellery. But their USP are these gorgeous saris.

Tulsi Silks and Sundari Silks: While Nalli, Kumaran, RMKV are well known names, if you are looking for a  great place for stunning, unique and mouth watering silk saris head to Tulsi/Sundari silks. Recently my bhua was visiting from Ludhiana and she went to Nalli and asked for a "Rekha" sari (you know the heavy pattu silks with the massive borders?) Well all she got was a bland stare and dumbfounded look. I told her to head to Tulsi Silks and lo and behold she found exactly what she wanted!

Sthree: This is a tiny little store on CP Ramaswamy road. If you are in a fix and need a blouse desperately, head to Sthree - it's just a small little Sari shop but my aunts bought themselves some really beautiful ready made blouses there.

Kalpa Druma: Located on Dr. Radhakrishna Salai, I love heading to the store for the beautiful fabrics they have. They have a home section with beautiful bed linen, table linen and home linen in general. They also have Saris and Kurtis etc but their best section is where they have running fabric. They have all kind of cottons and prints. Their cloth is really good quality. I have a kurta I got stitched with cloth I bought from here and it's lasted me 7 years without any wear or tear.

Beauty Parlours:

Oryza: without a doubt, if you are looking for a relaxing beauty experience, head to Oryza on Chamier's Road. The staff are quiet and friendly. The girls take their time and are not in a hurry to finish your pedicure/manicure or whatever service you are getting. Pedicures are divine - they really CLEAN your feet. Don't be intimidated by the place. Their rates are at par with Lakme, VLCC and other beauty parlours.

Isha Life: This is a restaurant cum gym cum spa cum beauty place located on Luz church road. Their Ayurvedic spa services amazing. I've personally gotten massages and facials done here and have had amazing experiences every single time. With fairly affordable rates, their staff really makes you relax and just fall asleep even! Not only have I enjoyed myself but any relative, aunt or uncle I have sent there have come back raving about the place.

Hair cut: If you are in a fix and need a smart haircut under Rs. 500, head to Liu's in Kotturpuram. Ask for Lucy. She's the owner and cuts hair really well. She doesn't do a lot of crazy, new fangled hairdos but her classic cuts and layers are excellent. Be warned, she tends to go short so tell her to cut your hair 3 inches longer than you actually want it. I've been going to her for 15 years and she's never given me a bad haircut!

Whew, I can't think of anything else to list out. If there is something you are looking for in Chennai, in particular, let me know and I'll see if I can help you find it. Do share your best-kept Chennai secrets if you have any!

Until next time, ta ta!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peacock blue look with picture fails!

Have you ever had one of these days?

  • You wake up in a good mood where the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. 
  • All you makeup brushes are clean and you've just organized your vanity a few days ago. 
  • You feel super efficient and organized and truly believe that you will never let your makeup get disorganized and will keep your brushes clean at all times so that when you actually want to do a look, nothing will hold you back?!?
  • Then you go on to do the most awesome look (in your mind) using some products that you bought in a fit of inspiration but never touched after.
This was ME, yesterday. Floating on this cloud just described above. And then the cloud crashed into bad photography land and reality hit me!

I did this look using some beautiful Ben Nye pigments. I even pulled out my fancy magnifying makeup mirror the one with the light and everything to help do this look. Then I started taking pics - took about 20 pics and then uploaded them to the computer only to discover that the pics look like they've been taken by a 5 year old. Does my eyeshadow really look that patchy??? Ok, go back reapply some make sure it looks better. Now take another 15 pics. This time it looks like the 5 year old gave the camera to her 3 year old sibling. All the pics are blurry and shaky and I just want to cry. 

Change positions in the house go to another location, take another 10-15 pics. Bad and badder. Take a break. Go to the 3rd position and finally try again. Take 20-25 pics this time. Not the worst in the world. 

So my friends, this is what I have for you, a lovely teal-peacock look but "not the worst" in the world pics. 

I used: 
  • Urban Decay primer potion
  • Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk
  • Inglot matte white e/s
  • Ben Nye pigments in Peacock and Teal
  • Faces Eyepencil in Forest Green
  • MAC e/s in Romp

Though I will take a pic while smiling, whattae fail!

This pic is clearer but look at all the mess around the eyes!! Gaaaaah

Not too much light in this pics but at least it isn't super blurry!

Finally a decent pic but guess what - sparkly eyebrows (because I used a shimmery shadow to fill them!)

Another somewhat OK one but my head hair decided to photobomb this one!

Another sort of OK one.

So have you ever had a day like this? Let me know your makeup/photography fails in the comments below! Until then, ta ta!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Purple and Orange eyes today!


So today the heat in Hyderabad let up just a little and boy am I glad! It really inspired me to pull out some colours and try something different.

Btw I am watching the movie, Marley and Me and it is such a fun movie except in the end which is so sad. I had to change the channel cause I cannot afford to cry and ruin this makeup that took me so long to do. So I switched to another movie called "The other guys." It has Will Ferell in it and it is hilarious! Will Ferell has the quirkiest sense of humor and makes the funniest movies ever.

Ok so back to the look. I used:

  • Urban Decay primer potion
  • NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
  • MUG eyeshadow in Chickadee
  • Inglot e/s in AMC 51
  • Sugarpill Poison Plum e/s
  • Ben Nye pigments in Azalea, Amethys
  • MAC pigment in Golden Lemon
Yes so here are pics. BTW one of my eyes has a major eyeliner fail! Can you notice which one? 

It's the left eye - eyeliner is totally off!

So what do you all think? Do let me know! Until next time, ta ta!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Juicy Green Eyes!

Hello everyone!

Gosh it sure is hot! Just makes you want to stay indoors all day and hibernate in a cool room. This is the first time I am experiencing Hyderabad heat and whew!

Ok back to makeup - I did this fun green look and I used only 2 makeupgeek eyeshadows. The lower lashline is a bit of a fail. I really was going for the "├Âuter half of lower lashline lined look" but the liner decided to slide a bit. Oh well, next time I will put it more effort to create that part of the look. Also in an effort to create "lighter" and more "summery" looks I am trying to thin down the eyeliner - So far I am really enjoying thin lines on the upper lashline

Ok so the products used:

  • Urban Decay primer potion 
  • MUG eyeshadows Envy and Shimmermint
  • Black gel liner
The pictures have not captured the vibrancy and pretty-ness of the green colours. I swear I did like 5 coats of the colour. Hope you like! 

Until next time - ta ta! Have a great day :)

Simple daytime eyes

Hello Everyone! Summer is here and man o man it is HOT!! Don't really feel like putting on too much makeup but I have recently been doing this eye-look which is simple and doesn't look too heavy. A great tip for summer is to use lighter coloured Kohl/Kajal/eyeliner for the eyes. Colours such as browns and greys will help define the eyes without giving that dark-heavy look that black gives us. If you are feeling more colourful then pull out those purple, blue and green eye pencils and use them for that pop of colour! 

The products used for this look are:

  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • Makeupgeek eyeshadows: Mango Tango, Cinderella and Stealth
  • Black gel liner 
  • Grey eye pencil 
  • Lotus Mascara
So umm ok, before you can say anything I must mention that my eyebrows are a mess in these pics and I know that is a huge turn off for some people (me) but I swear I have gotten them done since this pic was taken. I hope you enjoy the pics and leave a comment if you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hi :)

I also just want to say to the few followers who have stuck to this blog (I know you may not frequent it anymore) but if you are still around then thank you from the bottom of my heart! Until next time, ta ta!

Monday, April 8, 2013

What's going on?

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are doing well! This is a long overdue update and life has been very busy since the last post. A lot has happened and changed with me and I really want to address it all in this post. Ps. this is going to be a long post!

First off, I want to acknowledge that this blog has never been super active and has always had a small group of followers. The reasons for that were many - I was not a typical blogger - I followed quite a few blogs but silently. I didn't comment frequently and when I did do so, I lost track of all the comments and replies etc.  I only commented when I genuinely felt the need to say something. Sometimes I would give in to the pressure and just leave random comments here and there to improve my visibility and that just made me unhappy. I didn't want to feel like I had to leave comments on other people's blogs in order to attract more visitors to my own blog. Sometimes bloggers would comment on my posts just because I had left a comment on their post. It was a very "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" attitude and I didn't appreciate it. Blogging to me was not a business or a commercial activity and if you have ever noticed - I have never had any ads on my blog. The blogging world seemed too commercialized and self-promoting for my personal taste - I just wanted to share my knowledge and love of makeup but I was getting too caught up in it all.

Another reason for not posting was boredom and loss of inspirations. I got tired of reading and writing reviews. I got tired of seeing the same newly-launched product reviewed by 5 different bloggers. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy reviews - and a lot of blogs do an amazing job with reviews a massive range of products. But it was getting too repetitive and un-original for me to do - I felt that there was nothing new and fresh about my blog - I kinda lost track of what I wanted my USP to be.

The last reason was work. It just got too hectic, with lots of travelling, long hours etc. I also made some personal life changes in the last few months - I quit my job and moved to Hyderabad. So things have been hectic to say the very least.

Also, I have made some changes in the brands of products that I use. I started reading and researching animal testing in makeup and I decided to stop using animal tested products. Now this is a massive personal challenge and I found it very tough. There's so much to figure out. A lot of companies have ambiguous policies on animal testing, some companies don't test but their parent companies do, some don't test finished products, some test only in countries where the law demands etc. It's really an ocean of info out there and it's very difficult to know where to draw the line. I think I have sort of understood where my line/limit is and I'm trying hard to stick to it. The biggest test for me was when someone gifted me 4 brand new mascaras made by 2 companies that do animal testing and I really had to fight the temptation. I ended up distributing them all away and boy was that tough!!

So moving forward, I am not a 100% sure which direction this blog is headed. I definitely want to focus on doing looks, especially with products available in the Indian market. I want to focus on doing simpler looks suited to the busy woman. I want to focus more on techniques and hopefully improve my own in the process. If you have any ideas, do share! I'm always happy to hear from you.

So bye for now, and see you all very soon with a hopefully fresh and inspired post!