Monday, January 19, 2015

Back after a hiatus

Oops I did it again. I fell off the blogging bandwagon. Now that I think back I cannot remember the exact reasons why. I think it was a combination of factors. The honest truth is that my pride suffered a bit because I fell prey to the demon we call 'comments'.
We all start blogging with great intentions, to share, express ourselves and connect with our readers. Somewhere along the line we start judging the worth and value of our blog through the comments.  And then when thet don't come, we feel upset and disappointed. At least I did.
The last couple of yeard have been tough. Life happened, a couple of big life changes have happened. I'm in a new city now, getting used to life and work here. Honestly it's been hard. But I've gotten to experience a lot, see new things and appreciate life with a fresh perspective. I hope a little wisdom and maturity has come my way too.
So I want to get back to blogging with my original intentions, to share, connect with you and express myself anonymously :)
Thank you for listening, if you have.