Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple, neutral look :)

This is a simple, retro-inspired neutral look: I used:

  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • NYX e/s from Runway Collection palette "Jazz Nights" (look @ pics)
  • MAC penultimate liner
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
  • Maybelline Unstoppable black eye pencil

Here are the pics! 

The Palette!
My Colours!
The Look!

 This is a super easy and wearable look. I decided to take a break from doing complicated looks. Hope you like. Do leave me your thoughts & feedback!



  1. beautiful natural and everyday look..love ur eyeliner..

  2. LOVE your winged eyeliner look. I went through some of your older posts just to see the eyeliner :D

  3. Thanks Poohkie! When are you doing a winged eyeliner??

  4. I've started doing a simple one. It doesn't look that great, but I'll keep doing it.

    btw, do you know any shops that sell colorbar? (other than sarvana stores?). I hate going there coz it's too crowded & I dislike the pushy & rude sales people, but I sooo want to get some colorbar stuff.

  5. Poohkie: Sorry, I don't know of any stores that sell Colorbar here in Chennai. But yea, work on that eyeliner and post a pic please!

    Oflipstickandblushes: thank you :)

  6. Hey Scarlett, its me Uzma.You always do the winged eyeliner so beautiful :-)

  7. Hey Uzma, good to see you on blogger and thanks!

  8. Love the cat liner :)

    BTW Why's your blog called tich mich?