Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunny Deol, anyone?

I had a pretty bizzare conversation regarding Bakrid, with my mother.

I was just talking to her about how someone should steal ALL the goats before bakrid and then return them after the day of has passed. This way, all the goats get saved and not die.. and it will lead to absolute consternation and probably madness in the goat-slaughtering community.

To which she replied that a LOT of goats DO get stolen because there is such a huge demand for them.

And apparently, these goats are given film star names such as 'Shahrukh Khan' , 'Salman Khan', 'Saif ali Khan' etc etc. And the goats that have these names go for higher prices.

How crazy is that?

My question is, will a goat named 'Sunny Deol' sell for a higher price?