Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faces "Sparkle Dust" - review, swatches and a look!

Helloooo Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posts. Work has been crazy busy and I have just had no time. But this post is very exciting for me because I was walking past a Faces kiosk at the mall and I saw this stack of 'Sparkle Dust' pigments that I just had to pick up. The colours are so beautiful and so shimmery. They would be perfect for wedding makeup or a fun night out on the town. I don't have too many shimmery colours like this in my collection and am very excited to play with these.

So here goes the review:

  • 8 stackable pigments with a varied range of colours.
  • Colours are highly shimmery and extremely gorgeous.
  • Colours are very pigmented when swatched.
  • They need a primer and a white/black base underneath to really make them pop/
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Priced at 699/- for 8 colours (which I think is a good deal.)
The colours in this stack are not individually labelled but I will try to describe them to you. The entire stack is titled, "Rainbow." There are two white pigments, one with pink reflects and the other is with green reflects in them. There is a beautiful teal, electric blue, baby pink, hot pink, mauve-gray and a deep burgundy-purple colour. 

The pictures below will do justice to what I am talking about. Check them out!

All 8 colours.

HOT Pink and baby pink

The white ones (with green reflects and pink reflects)

Electric blue and Teal

Mauve-Gray and Deep blackened Burgundy

Swatches on NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

A look that I did with some of the colours.

So there it is. I hope you enjoyed the review and the swatches. I really am very happy with these pigments since I find them very fun and exciting to use. 

Oh and one thing I noticed was that all the jars don't have the same quantity of pigment in them. Some have more and some have less - isn't that weird? I'm not complaining because I will never get through an entire jar of pigment in my lifetime but it makes me wonder what kind of quality process they have!

Do leave me a comment sharing your thoughts and experiences with this product! Till next time, tata and thanks for stopping by!