Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yellow look!

I love yellow and after I saw Rashmi's yellow look, I wanted to try it too. Actually I wanted to do just yellow with a retro winged liner but I have recently acquired MAC's "Twinks" e/s so I wanted to use that as well. And the winged liner did not work out so I did a simple but thick line instead. Hope you like!

Products used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Yellow jumbo eye pencil 
  • Inglot Yellow e/s, Orange e/s 
  • MAC e/s Twinks
  • MAC e/s Black Tied
  • MAC penultimate liner
  • Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
Here are some pics!

Yes, I know this pictures of both eyes is creepy. :D

Do leave me your thoughts, recommendations and feedback!



  1. I had loved Rashmi's look & your look is fantastic as well. Who knew yellow could look so nice & non-childish! But you live in Chennai right? Do you actually wear such eye looks when you go out? I don't mean for parties or outing with friends, I mean while running errands or during your regular day. And I don't mean yellow e/s, I mean even brown e/s. I ask coz I feel super conscious when I wear makeup & head out. People stare like nobody's business! Plus I use public transport, so the situation sucks :(
    um...sorry about the super long comment.

  2. Thanks so much ladies!
    Poohkie: No worries, my reply is going to be long too! I actually do wear these looks out to walk my dogs and run errands sometimes. I'm a tall girl and I have been stared at my whole life! So I just don't let it bother me! You've got to get past it all! And yes, I use public transport too sometimes - but never with full makeup on but thats just because it is sooooo hot! :)

  3. It's great that you can ignore the staring. I'm slowly getting to that place where I just ignore them. If they really get on my nerves, I stare right back! You know, to give them a taste of their own medicine. It works every single time & they always look away :D But you're right, I just need to stop being self conscious. I'm getting there though. For the past few days whenever I go out with my with someone else, I wear dark, bright lip colours. That way, I feel a little bit secure about it.
    And what about this damn heat!! It's only March!!!
    Thanks for letting me vent on your blog :P :D I needed that. How tall are you btw? I'm 5' 5&1/2", so just medium.

  4. Haha, good for you - on staring right back and for wearing bold lips!! I love bold lips with no other makeup on the face. And ps: you can vent anytime! I am 5'10" tall and when I wear heels, more than 6'! :D

  5. very pretty dear :D :D ... and yeahhh it can be worn without any doubt just stare back right ??

  6. Thanks Rashmi! And yes - just ignore or stare back.

  7. haha thanks! 5'10"! That's awesome. Me too loves bold lips with no other makeup. It's the best look ever.