Thursday, January 27, 2011

First new makeup of 2011!!


This is the first of my new stuff for 2011! I got:
  • Olay Complete all day SPF 15 moisturizer. This is my favorite moisturizer and works wonders for my skin. Lightweight enought to wear in the heat of Chennai and really loves my skin.
  •  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Pots & Pans" - a very pretty steely silver colour
  • NYX e/s in "Lime Juice" - I was looking for a potent chartreuse colour and I thought this was it but this one swatched a bit lightly. It can be kind of compared to "Fresh Green Mix" mineralized e/s by MAC. - however it is more yellow and more matte.
  • MAC Mega Metal e/s in "Mating Call" - is a shimmery pinky mauve colour. Will do a detailed RSL in another post.
Here are the pictures!

NYX - Lime Juice

NYX JEP - Pots & Pans

MAC - Mating Call


Teaser swatch !

I will do a detailed review-swatch-look with MAC's mega metal e/s in Mating Call. That's why I included this teaser of a finger swatch. :D

Thanks & do leave a comment!


  1. Tanushka what kind of skin do you have ??

    i would also like to try the olay moisturizer and this NYX lime juice pencil..ooohh la la:P

  2. Hmm ok I know this is really lame but I don't really know what kind of skin I have. It's not oily for sure - it's a little oily around my nose when I wake up in the mornings. So I guess - normal? or combination? It def. feels dry when I travel to colder climes. This moisturizer works good for Chennai weather because it does not make my face sweat in this humidity. It's pretty lightweight.
    And I'm telling you - invest in some NYX the next time you wanna buy makeup! :D

  3. Hi, first timer here... where did you get the Nyx stuff from? online or store?

  4. Hi Anks! The NYX was bought from a store in the USA and sent to me through someone. But if you want to buy NYX from a reliable website, check out - that's where the rest of my NYX is from. Hope this helps. :)