Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Peacock blue look with picture fails!

Have you ever had one of these days?

  • You wake up in a good mood where the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. 
  • All you makeup brushes are clean and you've just organized your vanity a few days ago. 
  • You feel super efficient and organized and truly believe that you will never let your makeup get disorganized and will keep your brushes clean at all times so that when you actually want to do a look, nothing will hold you back?!?
  • Then you go on to do the most awesome look (in your mind) using some products that you bought in a fit of inspiration but never touched after.
This was ME, yesterday. Floating on this cloud just described above. And then the cloud crashed into bad photography land and reality hit me!

I did this look using some beautiful Ben Nye pigments. I even pulled out my fancy magnifying makeup mirror the one with the light and everything to help do this look. Then I started taking pics - took about 20 pics and then uploaded them to the computer only to discover that the pics look like they've been taken by a 5 year old. Does my eyeshadow really look that patchy??? Ok, go back reapply some make sure it looks better. Now take another 15 pics. This time it looks like the 5 year old gave the camera to her 3 year old sibling. All the pics are blurry and shaky and I just want to cry. 

Change positions in the house go to another location, take another 10-15 pics. Bad and badder. Take a break. Go to the 3rd position and finally try again. Take 20-25 pics this time. Not the worst in the world. 

So my friends, this is what I have for you, a lovely teal-peacock look but "not the worst" in the world pics. 

I used: 
  • Urban Decay primer potion
  • Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk
  • Inglot matte white e/s
  • Ben Nye pigments in Peacock and Teal
  • Faces Eyepencil in Forest Green
  • MAC e/s in Romp

Though I will take a pic while smiling, whattae fail!

This pic is clearer but look at all the mess around the eyes!! Gaaaaah

Not too much light in this pics but at least it isn't super blurry!

Finally a decent pic but guess what - sparkly eyebrows (because I used a shimmery shadow to fill them!)

Another somewhat OK one but my head hair decided to photobomb this one!

Another sort of OK one.

So have you ever had a day like this? Let me know your makeup/photography fails in the comments below! Until then, ta ta!

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