Friday, May 17, 2013

Chennai Guide!

Hey Everyone!

Chennai in general has a bad rep for lagging in the shopping, beauty and fashion scene. It has taken me a long time but I've finally figured out some of Chennai's best kept secrets and today I am here to share it with you. Ok, some of these places are not really secrets but I've put together a Chennai Guide for all you readers who are either from Chennai or happen to be there for a visit.

So let's get started!


While we have a range of brands from low end to luxury available in Health and Glow stores and at the Mall, did you know that Chennai is one of the few cities in India that has a Kryolan? It's located at Ramee Mall on Mount Road. Head to Kryolan to pick up amazing, good quality and affordable products.


Best Sellers: Ok, this little gem of a store is an export surplus store located on TTK Road. They have tons of merchandise from clothes to shoes to bags and to belts. The best part: the prices! I've picked up tops for as little as Rs. 200 and dresses as low as Rs. 400. The only downside is that you have to take your time and really go through all their merchandise - so come with lots of time and patience and you will be rewarded. They also have a lot of funky leather belts, boots, shoes, strappy chappals, handbags etc. Also, men have an entire floor to themselves upstairs. So this is a definite must see!

Shilpi: This shop stocks really unique silk and cotton saris. Subtle and understated, their saris are very classic and chic and most likely will not be seen in any other shop. They also have kurtis, salwar kameezes, skirts, scarves, stoles and some jewellery. But their USP are these gorgeous saris.

Tulsi Silks and Sundari Silks: While Nalli, Kumaran, RMKV are well known names, if you are looking for a  great place for stunning, unique and mouth watering silk saris head to Tulsi/Sundari silks. Recently my bhua was visiting from Ludhiana and she went to Nalli and asked for a "Rekha" sari (you know the heavy pattu silks with the massive borders?) Well all she got was a bland stare and dumbfounded look. I told her to head to Tulsi Silks and lo and behold she found exactly what she wanted!

Sthree: This is a tiny little store on CP Ramaswamy road. If you are in a fix and need a blouse desperately, head to Sthree - it's just a small little Sari shop but my aunts bought themselves some really beautiful ready made blouses there.

Kalpa Druma: Located on Dr. Radhakrishna Salai, I love heading to the store for the beautiful fabrics they have. They have a home section with beautiful bed linen, table linen and home linen in general. They also have Saris and Kurtis etc but their best section is where they have running fabric. They have all kind of cottons and prints. Their cloth is really good quality. I have a kurta I got stitched with cloth I bought from here and it's lasted me 7 years without any wear or tear.

Beauty Parlours:

Oryza: without a doubt, if you are looking for a relaxing beauty experience, head to Oryza on Chamier's Road. The staff are quiet and friendly. The girls take their time and are not in a hurry to finish your pedicure/manicure or whatever service you are getting. Pedicures are divine - they really CLEAN your feet. Don't be intimidated by the place. Their rates are at par with Lakme, VLCC and other beauty parlours.

Isha Life: This is a restaurant cum gym cum spa cum beauty place located on Luz church road. Their Ayurvedic spa services amazing. I've personally gotten massages and facials done here and have had amazing experiences every single time. With fairly affordable rates, their staff really makes you relax and just fall asleep even! Not only have I enjoyed myself but any relative, aunt or uncle I have sent there have come back raving about the place.

Hair cut: If you are in a fix and need a smart haircut under Rs. 500, head to Liu's in Kotturpuram. Ask for Lucy. She's the owner and cuts hair really well. She doesn't do a lot of crazy, new fangled hairdos but her classic cuts and layers are excellent. Be warned, she tends to go short so tell her to cut your hair 3 inches longer than you actually want it. I've been going to her for 15 years and she's never given me a bad haircut!

Whew, I can't think of anything else to list out. If there is something you are looking for in Chennai, in particular, let me know and I'll see if I can help you find it. Do share your best-kept Chennai secrets if you have any!

Until next time, ta ta!

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