Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inglot Body Sparkle 68 - A look!

Hello everyone!!

I was feeling super fun and shiny yesterday and decided to create a look going along with my mood. Also, I had just watched a video by Makeupbytiffanyd on youtube and I was really intrigued by this eyeliner she had done. It was winged and slightly smudged and I really wanted to try it out. Never mind that it look me 15 minutes just to kind of get the eyeliner sort of okay. Let's just say the attempt involved *a lot* of makeup remover + cotton swabs.

Anyways, I pulled out my MAC eye shadows after a long time. Ever since MAC has started selling in China and changed their animal testing policy, I've lost interest in the brand. You wont find any new products from this brand on the blog. The MAC products that are featured on this blog have been bought pre-animal testing era and have been with me for a while now.

On to the look:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Coppering, Cranberry, Romp, Warming Trend, Black Tied
  • Inglot Body Sparkle 68 (So pretty!)
  • Black gel liner
  • Mascara
What I really liked about this was it was easy to do except for the eyeliner which took forever...grrrr.

This Inglot body sparkle is just so iridescent - I really love it. It's best used wet and I sprayed my brush with fix+ before I applied it.

Well I hope you enjoyed this look and do leave your thoughts! Until next time, ta ta!


  1. This looks pretty..I always love your eyemakeup!! :D <3

    1. Hey thanks girl, how have you been?

    2. I am great..Just done with +2 now..!! Waiting for my results..
      And how've you been?!

      I wish you'd do more posts..!!! I love your eyemakeup looks!! :D

      Plus you've got the coolest inglot stuff..!!

    3. I've been great actually..Just done with 12th grade..was busy with it..thats why i was MIA..

      Hey..do add me on Facebook at fathima.qadir

      How have you been?! I wish you'd do more posts though..I love your makeup looks....Plus you got very very awesome inglot products..!

  2. Thanks Fathima! And wow, congrats on finishing school finally! Must be super exciting :)
    Stay tuned - I've recently started reviving my blog so have been trying to post more.