Friday, May 10, 2013

Juicy Green Eyes!

Hello everyone!

Gosh it sure is hot! Just makes you want to stay indoors all day and hibernate in a cool room. This is the first time I am experiencing Hyderabad heat and whew!

Ok back to makeup - I did this fun green look and I used only 2 makeupgeek eyeshadows. The lower lashline is a bit of a fail. I really was going for the "├Âuter half of lower lashline lined look" but the liner decided to slide a bit. Oh well, next time I will put it more effort to create that part of the look. Also in an effort to create "lighter" and more "summery" looks I am trying to thin down the eyeliner - So far I am really enjoying thin lines on the upper lashline

Ok so the products used:

  • Urban Decay primer potion 
  • MUG eyeshadows Envy and Shimmermint
  • Black gel liner
The pictures have not captured the vibrancy and pretty-ness of the green colours. I swear I did like 5 coats of the colour. Hope you like! 

Until next time - ta ta! Have a great day :)

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