Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend haul -MAC 15 pan palette

Hey everyone! 

I just wanted to talk about the MAC 15-pan palette. I have wanted to buy this for a long time and finally got it as a belated (very) birthday gift. This is gonna be a quick review of it. 

  • The palette is designed to hold 15-MAC e/s pans.
  • It's really easy to put in and remove the eye-shadows.
  • But you can put more in if you pop out the plastic insert.
  • It costs Rs. 840
  • It's not the most sturdy palette. I feel like the plastic is thinner and a wee bit flimsy. The Inglot palettes are definitely tougher.
  • Here's the lame thing about it, the palette is magnetic but the eye-shadows pans are NOT! So you need to stick a little magnet on the back of your de-potted eye-shadows! If you buy the individual pan forms of the e/s then they come with a magnet stuck to the back. This is where the Inglot palette is way better, those eye-shadows just cling on to the palette!!

Here are some pics of it!

The palette!

Open palette!

Without the insert!

See the black magnet on the pan!

My palette with my colours!

Hope this helps you decide whether the MAC palette is for you. Personally for me, it's nice to have it but it's not really a must have for me. :)



  1. does Inglot have a 15 palette thing? I am very very new to eyeshadows! but I want a nice palette! and can I fit mac eyeshadows in the inglot palette? cause I wanted to get a friend to buy me some inglot palettes and I could fill them with mac eyeshadows at my will.. cause I have no access to inglot! what a story!:P How much does it cost?

  2. Rakshanda: Thanks! :)

    Ik: Ok whoo! Let me try and answer to the best of my knowledge.

    1.I think the max e/s that an inglot palette can hold is 20.
    2.There are two kinds of palettes - One is the traditional one, which opens up like the MAC one. I know that you can pop out the insert and fit in more e/s. So if you do that, you can fit it any eye shadow you want provided the pan is magnetic The other kind has a sliding magnetic lid - I don't know if that has an insert and if you can pop it out.

    3. How much does what cost? The MAC palette price is listed in the post. The 3 pan empty Inglot palette is around 300 bucks, the 6 pan square one is around 450 I think and the 10 pan is Rs 1400. Each e/s pan is 300/-

    Hope this helps! Check out the Z palette if you want an empty palette to put all your stuff in. :)

  3. Thanks a lot Scarlett! Its been really helpful.. Z palette? I have no idea what that is.. so you thinks its any good if I buy the inglot palette of just stick to mac? I have no idea what to do! I'll be happy with one big palette and a small one preferably a quad.. So should I just stick to MAC? I assumed Inglot would be cheaper and you mentioned the packaging was sturdier compared to MACs.. :P More questions!:P sorry!

  4. Well, it totally depends on what kind of eye-shadow collection you already have and what you want to build and what is your budget. MAC has only 2 sizes - 15 and 4, Inglot has a bunch of sizes ranging in price. If you can get a 10/20 pan inglot palette with a removable insert, then nothing like it. The MAC one is 840 and you can put a bunch of stuff in there as well.

    The Z palette can be checked out here:

    Hope this helps, and you are welcome to ask q's anytime!

  5. hehe you're too sweet! :)
    Thanks a tonne.. I knew of the MAC ones.. But I assumed Inglot would be cheaper!:P I don't have an eyeshadow collection yet.. I want to build one.. Not a collection collection that too.. I'll be happy If I have one neutral palette and some other colourful thingy!:D

  6. Thanks Ik! I would totally start with Inglot eye shadows because each pan is only 300! If you buy a single e/s then it's around 550 I think, which is still cheaper than a MAC palette. Alternatively, you can make your own palette using an empty CD case! :) Good luck with your palette building!

  7. Thanks Scarlett!:) Thanks a lot!!!
    I think It'll have to wait! cause I have no access to Inglot.. :P will just ask my friend to get inglot palettes and fill them up with MAC eyeshadows when I can.. :P

  8. Great blog. I just discovered it. I`m new to blogging and mainly review fragrances and sometimes beauty products. Do drop by sometime. Nice palette.Have fun developing your custom palette.

  9. Hi Pandora's Box, welcome. Will check out your blog! :D

  10. I was planning on putting inglot square shadows in a mac palette with the inserts taken out.. how many inglot shadows do u think I can fit in the mac palette without inserts?

  11. I did a quick calculation and you should be able to place 18 rectangular pans in one MAC 15 pan palette. If you have the circular inglot pans then should be around 21-26. Good luck with your palette!