Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Inglot Bandwagon? Wait, I'm jumping on too...... PART 1

The blogging world is abuzz with Inglot and their good quality eye-shadows! Luckily we have Inglot in India. I first went to an Inglot store in Delhi last August and was quite happy with their selection of products. I bought my first three pan palette there. Though the sales associates were helpful, they were a bit haughty. But I think that's just a Delhi thing so never mind all that.

Inglot has recently opened a store in Chennai and this is a small one, about half the size of the one in New Delhi. I went with zero expectations in terms of service from the SA and was happy to get good service. Having said that, I must mention that most shopkeepers/SA etc are pretty humble and helpful in Chennai.  

There were 3 SAs/MUA in the store. One of them walked over to me, greeted me and offered to help me. I proceeded to give her a long list of e/s that I wanted to check out and she patiently took my piece of paper, and helped locate whatever she had. She took fresh pieces and then matched them with the testers and gave me both. I ended up swatching about 20-30 different colours and spending a fair bit of time sorting out what I wanted. She was patient with me the whole time and very helpful. 

I ended up picking up 3 colours. There were 3 more that I had wanted - which were out of stock. Oh, I forgot to mention, she first told me that I could not buy the pan-form if I was not buying a palette. I thought that was super weird!! She said the company has instructed them not to sell the pan form without a palette. To this I told her that I already had a palette that I wanted to fill. My friend had bought me a 6 pan palette and filled it with 2 e/s. The rest I had to fill myself. So I told her that and she very nicely agreed to sell me the pans alone. But isn't that weird?? Have you experienced that at your local Inglot store?

So anyways, I ended up buying 3 e/s and they had a deal of buy 3 get 1 free. You could choose your free gift from a box which had a mix of Inglot lipsticks, eye-pencils, nail-polishes, e/s, glitter liner etc, gel liner etc. Except everything had very weird colours/shades. For ex. The gel liner was cotton candy pink and the foundation was chocolate brown in colour. I ended up picking out a concealer which seemed to match my skin tone. 

So the price of each pan is INR 300/- which is affordable when compared to MAC. I paid INR 900 for 3 e/s and one concealer. All in all, I was a happy camper! 

Next post: Swatches and review of what all I got! Stay tuned, same bat time - same bat channel. :)


  1. Woww waiting for the next post :))

  2. Inglot people are dicey of the reader told me that they charged her Rs100 extra for a brush as taxes though charges were already included in the MRP:p

  3. Haha, thanks Rakshanda!
    Anamika: it's too bad when a company/store does that or rather when the reps do it. Was it in Chennai though? if I was her, I would have ended up not buying it...

  4. Please do swatch them :) Nice to see all these store opening in Chennai! I'll be sure to drop in when I come. Are you basically from Chennai?

  5. Hi Appu, will do for sure! Retailers are afraid to enter Chennai that's why all the brands come to us here much later.
    Oh and I'm not Tamilian but I have lived in Chennai most of my life. :)

  6. where is this store in Chennai?

  7. Hi Rekha, it is in Express Avenue Mall on the ground floor, all the way opposite to Marks and Spencers. It's close to the MAC store!