Monday, July 11, 2011

The Inglot Bandwagon? Wait, I'm jumping on too...... PART 2

As promised, here is part2 of the Inglot post. This time I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking!! 

Here we go:

This palette was gifted to me by my best friend! I love, love, love my new colours and am very excited about my palette..

6 pan palette! 

I popped out the plastic insert!

My palette filled with my eye-shadows!

I love these colours!

I don't like this numbering system!

Just one swipe on fingers!

The swatches!

More swatches!

One last pic of the swatches!

Now that the pics have done all the talking, I want to add a few words about the colours:

  • DS 494: Beautiful purple with gold micro-shimmer.
  • DS 465: I find this colour very hard to describe. It's brown with a purple base/tinge & micro-shimmer.
  • 407 P: Stunning peachy-orange-y-gold,similar to MAC's expensive pink.
  • 430 P: The most unique, true gold colour I have seen! LOVE it!
  • 397 P: Pretty, metallic pink colour. It's a bit deceptive as it alternates between appearing between pale pink and skin toned!

These are my brief descriptions of my colours. I have used the DS 494 and DS 465 and I found them easy to use and blend. I thought the DS 494 (purple) would be difficult to use because it swatched patchily but it was totally fine. 

I will post looks and detailed reviews for the rest as soon as I get a chance to use them. 

Oh! Almost forgot, I compared 407 P to MAC's Expensive Pink. I want to saw that the colour is similar, it's not a 100% dupe. The Inglot is more gold and has a stronger orange/peach undertone. Expensive pink is more "laid back" and not as vibrant, if that makes sense! 

Here is a pic of the both of them:

MAC expensive pink Vs Inglot 407 P

And that wraps up part two of my Inglot post. Hope you enjoyed it and do let me know your thoughts and ideas!

Thanks & tata!


  1. Nice! I like what you got.. & that comparison with exp. pink is a good one - will help lots of girls :D

  2. Thanks Tanveer! These colours are just amazing! I wanted to get a couple of mattes too but they were out of stock.

  3. gorgeous colors! I love the purple one especially :)))

  4. Yea Maryam! You gotta check out Inglot if you haven't already!

  5. ohh they look so pigmented! very pretty colors

  6. Thanks! I agree and I totally love these colours!

  7. I'm in love with all of the colors :)

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