Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NYX Jumbo eye pencils - The good, the bad and the ugly!

Hello my lovely readers! 

I decided to do this post because someone asked me once on another makeup blog "If NYX pencils crease so much then why does everyone love them?" 

I don't remember what I replied but being a makeup enthusiast and a blogger I want to share my opinion on these babies. 

NYX describes their Jumbo eye pencils as a "radiant eyeliner that also doubles as an eyeshadow." which I feel is a fairly apt description. 

The good:

  • Good pigmentation for some of the pencils.
  • Creamy and easy to use.
  • Nice and fat (haha!) 
  • Beautiful and good range of colours
  • Thus they make excellent bases for my eye shadows.
  • The best two without a doubt are: Milk and Black Bean. If you have to buy only 2, then get these.
  • The price can be affordable - I won't say inexpensive because "expense" is relative. 
  • In India they cost ~425/- and in USA they cost between 3-7$ 
  • You can get them on discount or offers of buy 3 get one free kind of deals.

The bad: 
  • While some of them are very pigmented, others have a patchy application.
  • They crease very quickly.
  • There are some that do not crease as quickly as others. Case in point: Milk is "drier" than the creamy black bean. I don't know if this a one off thing or a consistent feature of Milk.
  • The caps are flimsy and crack really quickly.

The ugly:
  • That's a harsh word and there is no ugly to these pencils. :D

Here are some pics:

See, nice and fat!!
Ok so below are some swatches and a brief description of the ones I have used.

L-R: Black Bean, Milk, Yellow, Baby Blue, Slate, Pots & Pans, Purple Velvet

  • Milk: white, my favorite. Not too creamy and a good all purpose base.
  • Black Bean: black, makes for an excellent dark base for smokey, dramatic looks, extremely smooth application
  • Yellow: Yellow, good yellow base for those hard to work with yellow e/s

Black Bean, Milk, Yellow
  • Baby Blue: Sky blue with subtle shimmer. Beautiful colour but horrible application! 
  • Slate: Dark shimmery gray colour. Good dark base for smokey looks as well
  • Pots and Pans: Stunning silver colour but again, just wipes off with one swipe. NO staying power.
  • Purple Velvet: Velvetty rich purple, easy to use and stunning colour.

Baby Blue, Slate, Pots and Pans, Purple Velvet
So there you have it! The good, the bad and the err...everything I know about NYX JEP. 

They are easy to use, with good pigmentation and serve as good  bases to build up colour. Their major drawback is tendency to crease but if you use a good eye primer, these pencils work well. 

Hope you found this post informative! Thanks & tata!


  1. I quite like these pencils - the colors are very pretty :)

  2. They are quite pretty - there are some beautiful greens and pinks that I want to get. Do you use any of the jumbo pencils Tanveer?

  3. I love yogurt...its d best n multi purpose !!

  4. Bhumika, I heard yoghurt is great! What's the creasing like with that though?

  5. lol thanks for this review!!! I totally agree with you, some of these are better than others... I think it also depends on skin type. My mom (obviously older) swears by these and says they never crease on her... mine crease if worn alone, but never crease if i use them as bases for eyeshadows... i still love them though because they have revamped my whole makeup collection. They even make the cheapest eyeshadows look incredible!!

  6. Maryam: You are welcome! :) They are amazing but I though that people should know both sides because I only people (bloggers/YT people) raving about them!! I guess I never thought of skin type factoring into the picture because there is variability from pencil to pencil itself!

  7. Scarlett you can buy nyx in india online now wth free shipping and discounted prices ! ..Thats wher ei got the jumbo from


  8. Hey okay cool. I saw your post about NYX in India...I was wondering if they are the same price in stores actually, but I guess not.

  9. Hey nice review.. I love these colors :) nice blog :) following u :)


    visit my blog wen u find time :)

  10. Thanks Rekha!
    Classy&Fab: Milk is pretty awesome, has the best texture of all of them!