Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Make-up Story

 I have loved makeup ever since I can remember.   My earliest memory of buying makeup was when I was 13 years old and I bought a Bronze and Silver lipstick from Lakme. Yes, I said silver lipstick. And now you can say eeeeks. I didn't know what I intended to achieve with these lipsticks because firstly, I was too young and too conscious to wear them and secondly I was in school so I never got a chance to wear them other than the privacy of my room where I would use it like a crayon on my face and go crazy with it. But I just HAD to have them cause they were so amazing to me at that time.

When I was 14 I visited America where my cool older American cousin gifted me some makeup - a lip liner, an eyeliner, and a lipstick. OH MY GOD. I had hit jackpot. Everyday I would religiously apply my eyeliner, my lip liner and my lipstick. I looked and felt so mature. Then after vacation I came back to India and had to go back to school where none of this was allowed! Boy did reality hit me so hard! 

When I entered 11th std, I finally had the freedom to wear a kajal and be just like the pretty senior girls that I admired when I was a wee one. Everyday I would carefully line my eyes with kajal. I had brown, black and gray. Oh the excitement of choosing which colour to wear to school!! Revlon and Maybelline were in the market by then and their eye pencils used to cost 280 Rs, I think. It was a big sum and god only knows how I convinced my mom that I had to have that eye pencil. 

Then I went off to America to study. I had by then a bit more makeup that in the 12th std. I had assorted lip glosses, some eyepencils, some no brand eyeshadows that come in those huge makeup kits all gifted by my American aunties on their India visits.  I used to do whatever I could with that makeup but literally felt very frustrated when I couldn't achieve those amazing makeup looks I saw all around me. How could I? I had no clue how to blend and apply eye shadows or to use mascara or to even use brushes. 

Life really changed for me when in 2001, my cooler, older American cousin took me to a MAC pro store in San Francisco for a makeup class. Yes, so MAC does this from time to time, they close the store to the public and conduct a one time class. Don't know if they still do it anymore. They basically talk about tips and tricks and techniques. There is a registration fee but you can buy products for that amount. So we went, and it was amazing! This makeup artist pulled someone from the audience and did her face makeup from beginning to end - just a really pretty every day kind of makeup look. I learn't a lot from that one class. I learnt about brushes, outer V, using contrasting light and dark colours, applying makeup to the crease etc. After the class, we browsed the store and I ended up buying a bunch of products. I still remember what I bought - A studio finish compact, 3 eye shadows, a pigment and 3 brushes. I think I spent around $150. Out of those brushes I still have 2 of them. Yes it's been 12 years and I still have them. 

Anyways, since that day my makeup life took a different course. I started learning more about makeup. I started buying more products, improving my collection and applying more makeup in general. It's been many years and I really owe it to my cousin to properly introduce me to the world of makeup.

I've been through many phases with makeup. I even started this blog to document my looks. I would love to have a YouTube channel one day but I love my anonymity and privacy too much so it will probably never happen. These days I don't get the opportunity to wear to much makeup because it's just too hot all the time. Nevertheless for special occasions, I enjoy spending some time doing my makeup. My makeup collection is not too massive. I have enough to keep me satisfied and going. I still religiously watch my favorite YouTubers ever since I started watching in 2008.
I really enjoy these especially:

Marlena from MakeupGeekTV - she's the one blogger I've followed religiously from day one.
JlovesMAC1 - She doesn't do too much makeup but I love her personality
QueenofBlendingMUA - does some crazy looks that I love
Other YouTubers who I find interesting from time to time are: Farah Dhukai, Misschievous, Nikkie Tutorials, Vintage or Tacky, JeanFrancoisCD

So that's it for this post. What's your makeup story? 

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