Sunday, October 25, 2015

If you can, you should.

Yes it's been forever since I posted and yes now that I have a good internet connection and a new laptop, I will be more regular and no, I am not going to launch into an explanation of why I haven't posted in a while. (Don't want to be a bore).

Coming back to the title of this post: this is something that I've learnt from my mother. She once said that if some one asks you for something and if you have the means, then you should give. It was a very profound thought. I'll be honest, I don't always give freely especially when it comes to money. I can give away clothes, kitchen items etc. very easily. I am very careful with my money - that's what I learnt when I had to live on a shoestring budget when I got my first job in India. I earned very little less and I used to have about Rs. 6000 to for my monthly expenses including groceries. Yet, I managed and I'm glad for that experience because it taught me to be careful and budget wisely. It also meant that I had no money for extras.
Now that I earn a lot more, I am slowly learning to be generous with my money. It's tough and it doesn't come easily. Most religions say that you should do "Daan" or donate to those who need. So now I am starting and I urge you to do so too, if you have the means.
Avoid judgement if you can, when you give. Don't assume that what your maid/driver/ watchman/beggar or whoever earns from their various jobs is enough for them. Money is never enough! So open your hearts and give -even if it is ten bucks for "chai-pani" or 50 bucks or a 1000 bucks.
If you can, you should.

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