Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Kryolan Experience

Hi Folks,

I wanted to share my experience at the newly opened Kryolan store in Chennai. I went there two weeks ago to explore their range of products and this post is going to tell you all about it.

So the Kryolan store in located at Ramee Mall in the Hyatt hotel, on Mount Road. Now if you are there, please familiarize yourself with the new one way system on Mount Road before you venture out as it can be quite confusing! The mall is quite small with very few stores and thus not very crowded. The Kryolan store is located on the ground floor of the mall and is quite easy to find.

Now I've know for a while about Kryolan products and the fact that they have some kind of a factory/base in Chennai. I was quite curious and excited to go see what it was all about. It's been very tough to collect my thoughts regarding this store because I was for the first time in my life quite dazzled and awestruck with the range of products.

The first thing I have to say that the range of products they have there is amazing and very impressive. The downer to that is that it is quite confusing! They have all kinds of normal makeup that we find in other stores and then A LOT more. Like for instance, they have all these crazy colours and paints etc that are used in the movie/modelling/TV industry. For concealers, there is not 4-5 shades, they have like, 25 shades (exaggerated example, but you get what I am saying!) Foundations come in a range of types - compacts, cream based, liquid, etc with multiple shades in each type. They also have 'build your own palettes' for blushes and eyeshadows. Lipsticks come in another massive lineup of colours and finishes. They have a section for all kinds of brushes and beauty tools, and a pretty nice section for false lashes. I really wont be able to describe what all they have (I'm overwhelmed) - but I think it's well worth a visit. I will talk about what I bought and my experience overall.

The staff at that time was just two ladies and they were very helpful and friendly! I really enjoyed my time in the store because at that time I was the only one there. One thing I must mention is that a lot of products are very affordable. Brushes are around 250 rs and up. Lashes start at Rs. 150 and up. Lipsticks are around Rs. 250. Blushes and e/s are around Rs. 300-350. I think it's very rare to find good quality makeup for these prices in India. 

I ended up buying a blush, a blush brush, a lippie and false lashes. Here are some pics!

Notice the style of products and packaging - it's all grey and silver and very "industrial" looking. But I don't mind, packaging should be sturdy and protect the product. Oh and it's nice if packaging makes the products easy to use and I think Kryolan scores just fine with these 2 criteria. 

So will review the products soon, all I'm gonna say now is that I'm really enjoying my Kryolan haul! Have you guys tried any Kryolan? Until next time, Ciao (cause I'm watching Jersey Shore season 4 which happens in Italy!) :)