Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lotus Lip Products

Hey Friends,

This post is a continuation of the previous post where I had spoken about my Lotus cosmetics shopping. I wanted to talk about the lip products, which I am really enjoying. 

I have 2 lip-glosses and 2 lipsticks. 

  • The lip products have a smell which I am unable to describe. The only word I can use is "herbal" if that helps any! :p
  • The glosses are very shimmery, not sticky, and a little more pleasant smelling than lipsticks. 
  • The glosses wear for around 2 hours leaving behind some sparkle on the lips.
  • The lipsticks are matte finish and last for around 6 hours.
  • The lipsticks are quite drying so you will need adequately moisturized lips to begin with.
  • All lip products were around Rs. 250 ea. 

Swatches of the lipsticks on the left, glosses on the right!

Ok Lipgloss talk first! LOVE the Passion Fruit Splash one. It's a beautiful purply-pink which can look more purple if you do 2-3 layers. It suits my lips really well and it's my new favorite!

This next one is Precious Peach lipgloss. Look at all those microshimmers! Amazing - love it too. It's very melon-y and a very unique colour for me.

This lippie is called Mod Mauve and I was really sad because when I opened it, the whole lippie just came off at the base! I was horrified and tried to stick it back on by warming both edges but sadly, it's broken still. I have made my peace and I just will use it broken. The colour is very close to my actual lip colour so it looks very natural on me, it might be darker or brighter on lips of other pigmentation (Check out swatch to get a better idea.)

The last lippie is Pink Blush and believe me, there is nothing pink about it! It's a very brick-terracotta colour. It's a really nice warm colour and I think is the perfect colour to wet your feet with if you want to start wearing bold red lips but are afraid to do so. 

So that's been my experience with the lip-products from Lotus. I am enjoying the glosses very much. They are a must try! The lipsticks are nice for the price - not very moisturizing but last a long time. 

What has your experience with Lotus lippies and glosses been? Do share!

Thanks for stopping by and tata until next time!

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