Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to series: Smokey eyes

Helloo all! This is the first of the "How to series" and the first debutante is the smokey look. A lot of women have asked me how to do a smokey look. The first time someone asked me was way back in 2006 and though I knew what it looked like in my mind, I had no idea on how to actually accomplish it!

Then my bhua asked me a few years back and I attempted one making her look like a raccoon! When I saw what I had done to her, I abandoned my attempt and ran off leaving my bhua shouting after me to come clean up the mess!!

Ok, so smokey eye: the idea is to "smoke" out a colour. We use one colour and basically blur the edges, creating the smokey effect. Just think of smoke - and think of how the edges are fluid and blurry. So this is a step by step photo tutorial of how to do the smokey look. It's very simple and can be applied with any colour!

Step 1: Apply a suitable base to even out skin tone. Use a concealer or a compact or painterly paint pot.

Step 2: Take a black pencil (or any other colour depending on what colour smokey eye you want) and apply it thickly on your lashline.

Step 3: Smudge the black with a finger or a brush, whatever tickles your fancy. I used my finger :D

Step 4: Pack on black eye shadow on top of the base. 

Step 5: Add a dark (but not black) eye shadow in your crease. I used a fluffy brush and a dark blackish brown eye shadow. It's a shimmery one.

Now blend well but stay in the crease till you get a soft edge.

Step 6: Now add a suitable highlight. I used a pale champagne coloured one and blended it into the crease. Blend out the crease really well!!

Step 7: Add black eyeliner/eye pencil into your lower lash line, and smudge some black eye shadow onto it. Add mascara and you are done!!

One more blurry pic!

So! How do you like my first tutorial? Give me some suggestions! I know the photos are not the best but I just cannot seem to get the correct lighting and angles in my new place. Oh well, gotta keep trying right?

thanks :D


  1. For some reason, I feel different colors other than black look great on you, I'm not a PRO Scarlett so you can disregard what I said :)

    I can't think of doing this bcoz of huge dark circles :(

  2. Hi Uzma! I kinda agree with you. One reason why you could be feeling this way is the bad quality of the pics :D it did look better in reality. The idea of the post was the technique so you can do it with any other colour of your choice not just black. Try it with your favorite colour :D I am sure it will look beautiful.

  3. i liked the second last pic a lot Scarlett :) gr8 work :)

  4. The eyes look amazing..!! But could u please mention the products u have used..?? It'll be a lot easier for beginners like me cuz there are loads of products available and it becomes confusing.

  5. Thanks Anamika! I need to take better pics though.

    Hi Nishita: Thanks so much. I used Maybelline unstoppable eye pencil and NYX jumbo eye pencil in Black bean as the base. Then I used the Nyx e/s palette called Jazz nights. I used a black, dark brown and champagne colour from that palette. Basically use any black eyepencil, black and brown e/s. Hope this helps!!