Friday, June 10, 2011

How much will make you happy?

Every time I visit a beauty-blogger's blog,  I always wonder the same thing. It's a million dollar question, "How much make-up does she have?" I know we all do it - hard to believe if I was the only one thinking that!

I see so many hauls/reviews and I realized a few things. 1) Indian women have welcomed make-up and beauty products with open arms into their lives. 2) Indian women have a lot of buying power. 

I think that these trends reflect a chunk of Indian women who have the money to spend and can afford makeup. I know that 15-20 years back, makeup was very "special." The ladies in my families used to keep their precious lipsticks in the fridge so that they would not melt in the heat. Their one or two eye pencils were used till they could be sharpened no more. Their precious compacts were tucked away deep in the depths of their dressing table drawers. Today when I see the market flooded with various products, I think that it's great that we have the choices that we do and not only that, we have the buying power in our hands. How awesome is that!?

Coming back to my point which is this: I see a lot of women buying newly released makeup products very frequently. Whenever a collection is out, they have to go check it out and purchase some thing from it. When I first started blogging about makeup, I too felt the urge to go and buy, buy, buy. Fortunately, I had no income so I had no choice but to control myself and guess what?? I'm still alive :D.

Jokes apart, I just want to know how much makeup is enough for you ladies out there who are reading this. Do ever just feel like not buying anything? There are so many time when I don't even know what collection is out till I read about it on someone's blog and I can totally be like "Oh, whatever." 

I have a good collection of makeup even if I say so myself but at the same time, there are very few products that I do not use. I have just one compact. Maybe one or two things that were either given to me or bought by me many years ago. So I can say that I have enough and that makes me happy for the most part. I still crave that 120 palette..then I think I will be happy :P.

Having said that, I generally tend to use 1 eyepencil, 1 mascara, 1 compact at a time so that I only buy the next one when I finish the first. Eyeshadows are a different story but then they last forever right?

This post is not a judgement on anyone. I am merely curious to know when is your makeup collection going to be big enough for you to say "No more." How much will make you happy and content?


  1. i think i wont comment on this as this is making me feel guilty :(

  2. Hey girlie, the post was not meant to make anyone feel guilty! Makeup and beauty is a business/career or hobby for some women so we all understand that they can never say no to makeup. I really do want to know what goes on in similar minds!

  3. hey nice thought ... i wud say i ve started buying more after reading the beauty blogs or 2 shades r sufficient but more the merry !!! i ve always had multiple foundations and compacts and numerous has been incr constantly over the yrs with more funds available and with incr in awareness .i dont feel guilty becos i can afford it and love it ..i know some friends of mine who r concious of even applying a it all boils down to how u feel abt u!! btw love ur posts !!!

  4. Hi Anon, thanks for your inputs and your appreciation! I don't think anyone should feel guilty because everyone has a way of self expression and for some people it is makeup! Nice to hear your thoughts on this topic. :D

  5. I have a fixed budget for every mnth to spend on makeup/skincare/haircare. Everyone is different. There are some women who will go through life having used not more than 2 lipsticks & then there are some who will have 15 lipsticks. Makeup never made anyone happy or content. It is the wrong place to look for happiness. :)

  6. Tanveer: I totally agree with you when you say everyone is different and that it i the wrong place to look for happiness. I don't think I look at it like that - for happiness. Yea it gives me temporary happiness and excitement when I buy something new but overall I treat my makeup hobby as just that - a hobby that satisfies me, something that I am good at.