Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mac - Ruby Woo Lipstick - Review, Swatch & Look!

Ever on the hunt for a beautiful red lipstick, I went to the MAC on my birthday to gift myself a red lipstick. So I tried quite a few and they ended looking too orange-y or too pink-y. So I decided NOT to go with the clown look as I had just turned a year older and wanted to be more sophisticated. I then asked for a matte red and the MUA showed me "Ruby Woo." I quite liked how it looked and so I bought it!

  • Ruby Woo is a beautiful matte red lipstick. 
  • I find it to be a nice solid red and not too orange/pink.
  • It lasts around 4 hours with eating and drinking lots! (I am a lip chewer and never leave my lips alone so it might last longer on you)
  • It leaves behind a faint tint when it fades.
  • No specific smell to it.
  • Priced at Rs. 990/-
  • Me like! Tip: moisturize your lips with lip balm first and then wipe off. Follow up with lipstick! 
It's always nice to have bright red lipstick - it's something that can just perk up a tired face. In fact, don a red lipstick and some mascara and I am ready to go. This is something that I like having in my arsenal though I don't use it often. 

Here are some pics! Sorry, but I still cannot figure out the best lighting in my new place - hope the pics will get better as I experiment with the lighting situation!

The lipstick!


Under a tubelight!

This is what it looks like with yellow lighting!

Enjoy! Thanks :D


  1. I adorrrre ruby woo . Its abso gorgeous. Only problem...i find it to be incredibly drying. More drying than any other MAC Matte lipstick..but still.gorgeous color and looks gerat on u!

  2. Thanks Tanveer!

    PnB: Try it with the lip balm trick. It's ok on my lips - cause nothing lasts on my lips! :D

  3. Its such a pretty colour!!! :) when was your birthday?:)Happy Belated Birthday. :)

  4. Hey Ik, thank you for the wishes! The b'day was back in march :D

  5. haha okay. Happy March Birthday!:)