Saturday, February 5, 2011

I made my own lip colour!

I own a lot of makeup but only ONE solitary lipstick! Don't laugh, but I am a gloss kind of girl and have not owned a lipstick in years. My only one was acquired last november and it is Rimmel's "Spotlight Beige." 

Now this colour swatched beautifully, but on my lips, it looks very pale pink! That doesn't look to good so I have mixed and matched and come up with my own combo colour!

I used:

  • Covergirl Smoothers lipliner in 'Spices' to line my lips. Then I mash my lips together to blend the colour. You can use a finger or a brush to blend.
  • Apply Rimmel's 'Spotlight Beige' lipstick onto your lips to get a pretty pinky-brown colour.
  • Top off with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in 'Hot Coconut' on top. The gloss pulls all the colours together as it has beautiful gold and rust shimmer in it. Plus it's coconut smelling....mmmm...yummy!
So look at my lippie colour!

The products I used.

The swatches!


In natural light!

Hope you like! I encourage everyone to mix and match if you don't already do so! It's so much fun!



  1. OMG!!1 Looks amazing ..i want the lip gloss where can i get it in Hyderabad:(

  2. Haha, thanks Anamika! Your best bet is to ask someone who lives in the US to send this to you! I flicked this from my young cousin who has a ton of these just lying around!

  3. Oh wow this looks great !!!!! im totlly inspired to make my own!!
    Plus i love this hot coconut lip gloss

  4. Thanks PnB! When you have only one lipstick, you kinda have make your own colours! :D
    Let me know how your experiments turn out!