Monday, February 28, 2011

Calling all brides - part 2.

This is a bright and colourful look. I noticed that brides are wearing funner colours such as purples and hot pinks on their special day. I used 3 main lid colours - gold, red and purple. The look was difficult to do and the result is not perfect as you can see from the pictures. Also, got inspired at the last minute to do a double winged liner just to give the look an edge.

I used:

  • Benefit Boing concealer (as base)
  • No name brown e/s (in crease)
  • 24K gold & Deep plum gel eyeliners (on eyelid as base)
  • Gold e/s from Maybelline "Give me gold" quad (on top of  gold gel liner)
  • Shimmery colour from same quad (for highlight)
  • Nyx e/s in Red Head (In center of lid)
  • Dark plum/purple colour from NYX "Jazz nights" palette (to blend the outer corner)
  • Loreal Lineur intense eyeliner 
  • Maybelline great lash mascara

Here are the pics! Let me know what you think.

Picture taken in natural light.

Hope you like/do give me feedback! 



  1. I would be a bit scared to wear this for a traditional wedding, but it is a great twist on a bridal look!

  2. Thanks Chennai Ponnu!
    Ki: True - it was a very bright a vivid look - I really wanted to do something different. :)

  3. your technique is brilliant! :) totally loved it..

    you know initially I thought it'd be hard to pull off with the traditional look.. but our Indian bridal makeup has so many key ingredients, (the maang tika, the bindi, the bindis above eyebrows, the nath etc), this will definitely merge.. especially cause the colours you used are bridal. :)

  4. Ik: Thank you for your kind words! My cousin got married recently and her outfit was pretty traditional but her MUA put teal eyeliner on her! I am guessing that people are okay with twist/pop of bright colour here and there, hence this bright look!

  5. I loved lovedddd the look! I think this would only enhance the whole thing instead of just "working".. :) and teal eyeliner must've looked gorgeous!:O

  6. Thanks again! The teal eyeliner was really ok - I felt it clashed with the maroon and gold but that's my opinion. :D

  7. you are most welcome. and yeah.. it mustve clashed with maroon and gold definitely.. teal in itself.. is so pretty.. me love! <3