Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Inglot Experience


I just wanted to talk about my Inglot experience in Select City Walk mall in New Delhi. After reading and hearing much about Inglot, I decided to check out the place when I was visiting the capital in August.

To start off, the store was quite large and more welcoming than Colorbar (Wasn't happy with the service and the fact that it was so teeny.) The team of makeup artists did not go out of their way to make me and my two aunts comfortable. They only attended to us when we went up and asked them for help. Again, their service was not spectacular. However, I did end up picking out three eye shadows. 

Some interesting things about Inglot:
  • They have something called the freedom system wherein you can pick out single eye shadows and get them in palettes of 3,5 and 10 I think. 
  • They are cheaper than MAC when it comes to e/s. 
  • The palettes are magnetized and stackable. 
  • The eye shadows come in circular and square shaped pans.
  • They don't name their e/s, there is a numbering system.
So I picked up three colours that I was looking for. I wanted a matte white, matte yellow and an orange. I got the matte white but not matte yellow. Both the yellow and orange have shimmers in them. 

Check out some pictures:

The palette!

My colours!

Finger swatches!

Hand swatches!

So now my thoughts:

  • I am really sorry but  I do not remember the numbers of the eye shadows and hence I cannot tell you what I got! 
  • I palette + 3 eye shadows cost around Rs. 1200. I think each e/s was around Rs. 300 and the palette was another 300 bucks.
  • I love the white. It blends really well, is easy to use. I mostly use it as a highlight colour.
  • The orange I love as well. It has these really beautiful shimmers in them!
  • The yellow, I am not loving so much. It definitely needs some work. It needs some TLC! i.e a good strong yellow base, a flat shader brush and some serious packing onto the eye!
  • I wouldn't say that they are the most pigmented colours as you can see on the hand swatches.
  • The palette itself is sturdy, cute and snaps shut quite tight. It has a mirror included.
Overall, these colours work for me and I am happy with my palette but I am sure that there are people out there who may not like them. I like the freedom system concept and I did see some interesting colours. I would definitely keep myself open to getting more eye shadows from here in the future!

Let me know about your experiences at Inglot!



  1. colours don't look that pigmented but with this price it is not bad as well.these types of colours are not available in any other drug store brands i think it is not bad buying them.:)

  2. Anamika, I think the colours are hit and miss for sure. Some of the darker colours that I swatched in the store were pretty pigmented.