Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some skin-care products that I have been enjoying.

Hi everyone!

I know I don't talk much about skin care on here and I really want to share this with you. Having been blessed with good skin for all my life, I started having problems with it a few years ago.

It got a little oily and I started having a few breakouts every now and then. And then I moved to another city 6 months ago. Here, the pollution and change in weather caused my skin to go a little crazy. After struggling with it for a while, I have managed to begin getting it back to normal. Some of the products that have helped me along the way are:


Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel: This is one product that has worked wonders for my skin. It contains Citron and Honey. The consistency is gel-like and feels smooth and amazing on my skin not to mention, it really keeps my skin soft and clean plus it's great at oil-control!

I use it twice a day. 

2. Johnsons's baby skincare wipes: Yes I know they are for babies but they work great for us adults too! 

Sometimes, if I am too lazy to wash my face I use these baby wipes. But most importantly, these are great for removing makeup! They cost much less than MAC wipes and work amazing at removing face and eye makeup. Please note, if you use Urban Decay Primer Potion, the eyemakeup is a little difficult to remove but with a little work it comes right off.

3. VLCC Punarnava Astringent: This one burns like **bleep** BUT it has helped my skin ALOT!

I use it on a cotton pad at night before going to sleep, after washing my face. It has really helped my breakouts and in keeping my pores closed but I must warn you that it is very strong and may not be for everyone.

4. Cotton pads: these are really handy for your  face, for applying astringent/toner and for removing eyemakeup.

5. Kumkumam Lepam: 

Sorry friends, this unique little product is available only in one tiny shop in Chennai on Dabba Chetty Street somewhere in Mylapore. But this magic dabbi has an amazing little ointment that will zap a zit overnight! It costs 25 bucks and is a home made recipe for clearing up skin problems. I just dab it on any zits present or coming up at night and it reduces the blemish by at least 30-40% overnight. For bad breakouts, use continuously for 4-5 days and breakouts disappear. If you are in the neighbourhood do check it out!

So this is what has helped me deal with my oily skin and breakouts. My skin is not back to what it was but it's a lot better. Have you used any of these? What's the experience been like? Do let me know! 

See you all next time! Tata :D 


  1. I used to love J&J baby wipes when I was working. I've tried the Himalaya oil control facewash, but it's too harsh for me. I use the neem one instead. Don't live near Mylapore, but if I go there I'll check out that ointment.

  2. I love Himalaya product too, lovely post<3

  3. That kumkum thing is sounding fab dude...also that johnsons baby wipes..i usually use baby oil for makeup removal.

  4. Poohkie: awesome! How is the neem one? I know it smells great!

    Rakshanda: me too, thanks girl!

    PnB: it is totally fab! The shop-owner has all these home made recipes for skin and hair care that have been passed down generations - it's a family trade!

  5. It's good. It doesn't do anything for pimples, but it cleanses, removes all the oil & is super gentle. It also makes skin very soft.

  6. Yea, most face washes don't do anything for pimples, in my experience. I will try the neem one out next! Thanks.